A couple of years back, my beautiful wife and I were married during a great little ceremony in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We had planned for the festivities to continue through the long Labor Day weekend, so with a house full of friends and family, along with a fridge full of meat to smoke, I took my rightful place as the pit master for the upcoming feast. A few friends and I had already done most of the prep work, so I lit the fires and continued with the “festivities.” Now fast forward a couple hours until it is time for the BBQ sauce. “Houston, we have a problem.” Not a single drop of BBQ sauce in the house.


So, I quickly do a status check on all of the guests for a quick trip to the store. Keep in mind, the “festivities” that continued from the night before have been in full swing for a while now and there wasn’t a soul in the joint who could make it to the store safely. The lightbulb flashes above my head and I decide to turn to the one place that we all do in times of need: Google. Come to find out after a quick search for BBQ sauce ingredients, I have about half of what is required to make a serviceable sauce. So, what does a man from New Orleans do? He makes it up as he goes, that’s what! A little of this, a splash of that, a dash here, a sprinkle there. Simmer it for a while, then let the new bride taste test it, but not before a nice little blessing of bourbon for that “just right” finish. We dressed the smoked and grilled meats with this sauce and it was a home run.


Fast forward again, and a couple days later the feedback started to roll in. “Dude, that sauce was great. Where did you get it again?” “Man, that sauce was killer, what’s it called again?” Everybody loved the sauce and at that point, I figured I might be on to something. So along with my beautiful wife, we’d like to thank you for visiting and we think that you will love our sauce as much as we do.



That me, Felix, working on hand written thank you cards.




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