Why is Beard BQ Sauce thin?


I have always disliked thick paste BBQ sauces the cover your meats and all you get to taste is the BBQ sauce. Beard~BQ Sauce is a compliment to your meats and everything else you use it on.

How do I use Beard~BQ Sauce when I’m smoking or grilling?

When your smoking beef prep your meat and smoke away. There is no need to baste Beard BQ Sauce over your meat during your cook you can just add it about 30 min at the end to get a nice caramel coating. Then apply your desired amount of Bear bBQ Sauce after the rest time for your meat.

Is Beard Bq Gluten Free?

Yes Beard Bq is gluten free but it is also made with Jim Beam White Label Bourbon; so if you suffer from Celiac unfortunately this is not the sauce for you. 

What are the ingredients and nutritional facts of  Beard Bq?

Below are the logos of each sauce that will take you to the information your looking for. 




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