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SMOKE BREAK: Consistency is Key


The first step to any type of mastery is to have consistent results. The best way to achieve consistency is having the right tools for the job.

In the case of mastering the art of smoking, you’re going to need good thermometers also called “thermos”. You’ll need to know the temperature of the smoke or grill (ambient temperature), and the internal temperature of the food, so you’ll be able to pull your food at the right time. Quick note it’s easier to insert your thermos into your food before you put it on.

Digital meat thermometers become your best friend no matter what you’re cooking. The thermometer will help you get the best results consistently. You can find charts all over online for basic outline. But we’ll explore tips, tricks to hone the craft of good food.

A good dual digital thermometer is ideal for consistency in most situations. Pay no attention to the dome thermometer, it’s inaccurate – you want to know the temperature where you meat is actually cooking.

For best results, place one probe close to where the meat is sitting, just off the grill, for an accurate reading of smoker temperature. Insert the other probe into the thickest part of the meat. Avoid bones and fat pockets when you place it as these can cause inaccuracy in temperature readings.

But you’ll still want to double check results with an instant-read thermo. Plus, the constant probe thermometers don’t work as well for smaller food like sausages, pork ribs, and fish. Even the most experienced pitmasters swear by instant-read digital thermometers for delivering perfectly cooked meat.


Thermo-Pro Thermostat

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