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SMOKE BREAK: Check yourself.


Maintaining a stable temperature between 225-250°F for long hours can be a challenge, especially to a charcoal or wood-burning newb. But we’ve got you! Don’t freak when temperatures spike. That can lead to a cycle of over correction.

To avoid this, get the smoker temperature stabilized before you add the meat. Add your lump or brisket charcoal and light it up and let it get fully engulfed. You can do this by letting it sit 30-40 minutes. Use your handy digital thermometer to check for stability. You’ll be glad later.

Keep your water pan full in the barbecue chamber. This helps to absorb heat and moderate the temperature. If you have to change the valves, keep the adjustments very small and monitor temperatures a while before adjusting further.

And, enjoy the process as you hone your skills and nourish your family and friends.

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