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SMOKE BREAK: Ready, Steady, Go!


Good barbecue takes time and a steady, low heat.

Too high a temp and the meat dries out, too low and everybody gets sick.

There’s an art to good barbecue, but with practice anybody can get it right. You have to the smoke temperature between 225 and 250°F. How you control this depends on the type of smoker you’re using.

Vents make it pretty easy to manipulate the temperature – opening it increases the oxygen flow and thus the temperature, closing it cuts the oxygen supply and causes the temperature to lower.

Get your smoke stable before you add the meat. Let it sit 30-40 minutes, and monitor with a thermo set near where you’ll place your meat to cook. Quick note it’s easier to insert your thermos before you put the meat on.

Remember, consistency is important, but so is enjoying the process. Take time to learn and enjoy the process.

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